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Taste the Healthy Choice

Since 2000, the Sushi Taxi Group has been creating your sushi with passion and inspiration. All the kitchens of the 21 Sushi Taxi restaurants across Quebec are operated by dynamic and committed teams.

We want to amaze you with the flavours on our menus, while promoting a healthy lifestyle and the best customer experience.

With Sushi Taxi’s unique recipes and quality service, we have always strived to involve our community of customers in its development. We want to thank you, we are proud to continue this amazing adventure together with you.

Our Responsibility Commitments:

  • #1 Limit food waste
  • #2 Integrate recyclable materials in our packaging
  • #3 Promote sustainable fishing
  • #4 Make a commitment to children’s health
  • #5 Ensure gender parity and support the personal and professional development of our employees
  • #6 Promote short food chains
  • #7 Optimize deliveries with sustainable mobility and eco-driving training
  • #8 Promote our employees’ support of local charitable organizations
  • #9 Create a social climate that is conducive to employee well-being and customer satisfaction
  • #10 Chose fair trade products and/or ensure they use ethical production methods


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