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Trois-Rivières, April 5, 2022
The Sushi Taxi Group has been acquired by À la bouffe, a family operated business in Trois-Rivières, which already owns several restaurant franchises throughout Quebec.
With 12 corporate restaurants and 9 franchise restaurants, Sushi Taxi joins the 59 restaurants already owned by the company, which will now have over 750 employees.
It was a love story that already existed between her and Sushi Taxi that made Rosanne Giguère, 27, Vice President and Managing Director of À la bouffe, want to acquire the Sushi Taxi Group. Already a franchise owner of locations in Shawinigan and Cap-de-la-Madeleine, in Trois-Rivières, she is very familiar with the company.

“I already know the brand very well and it is important for me that with the transaction we keep the essence of Sushi Taxi alive, which is the reason people have loved the culinary experience it offers for so many years. We will continue to deliver exclusive and delicious products to our valued customers, prepared by our talented and creative teams,” explained Rosanne Giguère.

At the head of the family business since 2019, the young businesswoman explains that she has made it her mission to continue to rejuvenate the brand, while further improving the overall customer experience. “The objective is to give the company a new fresh look, to allow it to maintain its position as a leader in high-quality sushi,” she noted. She will also be using this rejuvenation to attract new franchise owners to choose the brand, with the goal of growing the franchise network throughout Quebec.

“I want the Sushi Taxi brand to be a reference for how great sushi can be, no matter what region you are in. That is why we are looking for people who want to become franchise owners and acquire a location to pass on their passion for sushi,” she noted.

Over the next few months and coming years, the concept of hospitality in the Sushi Taxi restaurants and dining rooms will be reworked. The business model will be reviewed to make it even more inviting and adapted to new consumer habits. The head office located in Quebec City will remain there for now, as will the management team already in place.

Nathalie Viel, Manager Director of the Sushi Taxi Group, says she is happy with the transaction for the future of the company: “We feel that a breath of fresh air is blowing over the company and it is very positive! It is already a pleasure to collaborate with the À la bouffe team and the future is very promising for Sushi Taxi!” she exclaimed.

As for Emmanuel Thieblin, President of the Sushi Taxi Group for the past 7 years, he is now looking forward to new challenges. “I am certain that Rosanne Giguère will continue this amazing adventure while respecting the unique and knowledgeable foundation we have built at Sushi Taxi. Continue to savour the well-being!”

À la bouffe operates in the restaurant industry throughout Quebec. It has built its success on the close and loyal relationships it has with its employees, and the meticulous control it has over its operations. Founded in Trois-Rivières in 1996 by André Giguère, the company has 72 establishments and now 9 franchises with the acquisition of the Sushi Taxi Group.


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