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Our April Shogun Awakens Your Taste Buds!
Our Chef Thanh Hieu Hong wants to awaken your taste buds! Our teams invite you to celebrate Spring by giving you a sweet moment of satisfaction that will make you feel blissful!
Among the main flavours of this SHOGUN, our Chef and her team invite you to taste a crispy maki of salmon tartare with dates.
Then enjoy a kanikama maki that is reminiscent of Vietnamese spring rolls.
The experience continues with a textured tuna maki that combines sweet and salty.
Your taste buds will adore a crunchy hosomaki with popcorn shrimp that melts in your mouth.
Finally, your appetite is rewarded with a small club sandwich with smoked salmon and fresh herbs.

Don’t wait too long to come enjoy this sumptuous SHOGUN, created for a sweet moment of comfort with family and friends. Enjoy!

Available for home delivery or take out.
Discover our new SHOGUN


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