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Léane Payette - Customer Service
For International Women’s Rights Day, we will be pleased to present to you throughout the month of March the inspiring journeys of our wonderful collaborators within Sushi Taxi: Nathalie, Thanh, Léane, Charline, Rosanne, Claudia or Sharon …
Can you tell us about your background?

Originally from Lanaudière, I grew up in an agricultural environment. After trying my hand at attending CEGEP studying Early Childhood Education and then the adventure of training horses in Texas, I moved to Quebec City 5 years ago. I joined this great Sushi Taxi team at the same time as taking my course in Osteopathy. I am very interested in observing postures. I enjoy studying this alternative therapy, which uses palpation to detect the tensions that cause pain or discomfort.

What do you think are essential qualities for customer relations? (Customer experience from order to ASS)

Because of my background and my prior experiences, I am attracted by natural environments. I am particularly sensitive to respect for the environment and human relations in society.

The empathy and open-mindedness at Sushi Taxi have definitely made me feel good about working here, whether internally with my teammates or as part of my job and the privileged relationship I have with our customers. Especially the responsibility commitments that drive the teams on a daily basis, which really connected with my personal values when I arrived at the company.

The listening, the availability and the benevolence of my colleagues has allowed me to feel at ease and be able to tackle my work with confidence. I am also very passionate about challenges, which comes out at Sushi Taxi by my desire to achieve my objectives and solve the various problems and expectations customers have, as best I can.

So, unity, empathy and surpassing oneself, in my eyes are the main qualities to meet the challenges of being successful, especially with a privileged customer base like the one at Sushi Taxi.

What characterizes Sushi Taxi customers? (Feminine, demanding, friendly, passionate…)

Since the beginning, Sushi Taxi has had a loyal clientele that has always shown its interest for the creativity of our products and the excellence of the experience we associate with them. Our teams never stop trying to amaze our customers on a daily basis by using our creativity and our passion for our professions.

It is also demanding, which fully responds to our culture of surpassing ourselves, our desire to take on new challenges and our ability to adapt to the different situations we are faced with.

The Sushi Taxi Group has a true desire to always reinvent itself, to surprise its customers even more, and to offer them an experience that is always more intense and satisfying.


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