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Plateau fêtes 2021

Discover our sumptuous and refined HOLIDAY COMBO for a special moment of sharing and pleasure with friends and family.

Made up of 50 delicious bites, each one tastier than the next, this delectable combo is waiting for you to order it from our team of chefs:

> Crab Maki, with grilled leeks and lychee confit (Rice paper with basil leaves, Sushi Taxi crab salad, avocado, carrot, grilled leeks, wonton flakes, hot rod sauce, lychee confit).
> Kimchi Tuna, regular nori (Tuna tartare, cucumber, house kimchi salad, tempura flakes, spicy sauce).
> Nordic Damsels, inverted nori with sesame (Nordic shrimps, avocado, sweet potato, fried banana peppers, chopped green onion, aioli sauce).
> 2 Salmon Maki, rice paper sprinkled with pink pepper (Salmon tartare, avocado, marinated onion, tempura flakes, smoked salmon mousse, spicy sauce).
> Crunchy Spicy Tuna Hosomaki, inverted nori in a tempura puffed spicy-rice crust (Spicy tuna tartare, avocado, grilled red pepper, dehydrated fried onions, cream cheese).
> Haddock Tempura Bites, inverted nori (Fried haddock nuggets in panko-tempura herb and pickled cucumber batter).
> Mini Pizza of Shrimp, with Thai mango chutney, tempura-panko crusted salt and pepper rice cake (Nordic shrimp, Thai mango chutney, marinated onion and edamame bean. A delicious combination of Nordic shrimp and mango chutney).
> Crab Cakes (Gravlax salmon nigiri and herb sour cream: our delicious homemade gravlax salmon with herb sour cream).

Available for pre-order, take-out and delivery.

Let us be RESPONSIBLE AND UNITED by adopting the right actions and using online orders and payments whenever possible.

Discover Our Special Holiday Combo


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