Shogun novembre 2021

Our new chef Thanh Hieu Hong and her kitchen teams are hard at work in the various locations making a delicious Shogun with delectable flavours.

Among the main flavours of this SHOGUN, our Chef and her team invite you first to taste a Nordic shrimp maki with a subtle flavour of refreshing and tropical lychee.

Our team also wants you to enjoy a decadent tuna maki, with a just the right amount of our house marinated Mexican jalapeño pepper.

They continue the experience with the delicate combination of a tuna tartare and grilled capers.

Then your taste buds will delight in a hosomaki with a wonderful marriage of marinated cucumber, fried haddock nuggets and our fresh herb sour cream.

Finally, your appetite will be satisfied with a classic butterfly shrimp nigiri.

Don’t wait too long, come enjoy this SHOGUN designed to go perfectly with the month of November!

Discover Our New SHOGUN

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